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The items every knitter or crocheter needs to seamlessly complete their project.

Tag - A - Stitch

Tag-a-stitch: 58 tags with 51 common knitting abbreviations, plus 7 blank tags to write your own notes. Never lose your place in your knitting again!

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Measuring Tape

These stylish and compact tape measures are perfect to have in your project bag for measuring on the go. The tape measure is denoted in both inches and centimeters, the...


Blocking Pins

Knitter's Pride T-Pins includes 50 T-Pins for blocking lace projects.

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Blocking Mats

Knitter's Pride lace blocking mats allow you to adjust the size of your blocking area to suit your project. The set comes with 9 mats, each measuring 12x12". The mats...

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Blocking Wires

Block your sweater pieces to the correct size before assembly by threading these flexible steel wires through the selvedges of each piece and pinning to your blocking board. Perfect for...


Hi Yarn Ball

These yarn ball stitch markers are brightly coloured so they don't get lost in your knitting, and lightweight so your stitches wont get streched out. Hiya Hiya Yarn Ball markers...

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Soak is an amazing no rinse wash for your knits and all of your delicates. Two sizes 375ml and 90ml Scents: Yuzu, Lacey, Celebration, Aqua and Scent Free

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